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Comprehensive Websites for Microscopy Education

iBiology microscopy courses: instructive link with a lot of information and videos. Excellent for new users looking to get a solid understanding of microscopy basics.

Good for users with Leica microscopes (somewhat specific to the brand) and some tutorials that are good to understand the basics of fluorescent microscopy.

Nikon’s Microscopy U.: Lots of articles and tutorials subdivided by application type. A very large amount of information so it’s helpful to know what you are interested in before visiting the site.

Interactive tutorials and educational material on both a basic level (basic primers on microscopy) and an advanced, specialized techniques level.

Similar to the above sites, but offered through Zeiss with reviews and interactive tutorials from basic concepts up to specialized techniques.

Filters and the Fluorescence Microscope

Very specific but useful handbook for fluorescence filters and fluorescence microscopes.

Interactive training resource good for new users interested in understanding confocal microscopy and 3D imaging.  There is a test and you can earn a certificate.

Specimen Preparation

IHC World hosts several protocols and some guides/manuals that are helpful for immunohistochemistry in particular and several other techniques (cellular, molecular, etc.). Lots of advertisement and a lot of protocols to go through before you find what you need, but a useful repository.


Very useful digital imaging ethics links surrounding scientific integrity in image processing and analysis including guidelines on sample acquisition. Excellent information on how to do things right and specialized conferences on image analysis.
North AJ. Seeing is believing? A beginners' guide to practical pitfalls in image acquisition. J Cell Biol. 2006 Jan 2;172(1):9-18.
Rossner M, Yamada KM. What's in a picture? The temptation of image manipulation. J Cell Biol. 2004 Jul 5;166(1):11-5



Microscopy Today: Free publication (Microscopy Society of America) covering light, scanning probe, and electron microscopy, as well as analytical methods.

Aidez Green Light Microscopy initiative: répondez à un court questionnaire et aidez à la création d'une base de données des sources de financement pour la microscopie verte!