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 Chris Spring

Christopher Spring

Manager – Flow Cytometry Facility,
St Michael’s Hospital, Toronto 
 James Jonkman  

James Jonkman

General Manager – Advanced Optical Microscopy Facility (AOMF),
University Health Network, Toronto

Thomas Stroh

Thomas Stroh, PhD

Director – Microscopy Unit, Montreal Neurological Institute,
McGill University, Montreal


Guillaume Lesage, PhD

Grants Officer – Strategic Initiatives, Office of the VP Research and Innovation,
McGill University, Montreal

 Thomas Stroh  

Vera Tang, PhD

Communication Director
Operations Manager – Flow Cytometry & Virometry Core Facility,
University of Ottawa, Ottawa

Marie-Hélène Lacombe

Marie-Hélène Lacombe

Immunophenotyping Platform, MUHC Research Institute,
Montreal General Hospital

Dr. Claire Brown

Claire Brown, PhD

Director – Advanced BioImaging Facility, Life Sciences Complex, 
McGill University, Montreal

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